Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Loot

I posted this photo on my other blog a few months ago.  This was some of the goods I picked up on my trip north (3,427 miles r/t).  I just like the colors, so I'm posting it again.
J. Crew cotton bd shirt
J. Press silk rep tie - my favorite colors (blue/green  or   green/blue depending on how you look at it).
J. Press silk knit tie - it absolutely fabulous!  (ditto on the blue-green thing)
J. Press/Smart Turnout watch band
Madras belt - Bass Outlet
J. Crew grosgrain belt
J. Crew madras flip flops
Bass Outlet Green swordfish shorts
Nantucket Reds from Murray's
L L. Bean red chinos

1 comment:

Laguna Beach Prep said...

Holey moley, this is amazing! Real prep porn. I like everything here, in a big way. Especially those shorts. Absolutely divine...