Sunday, August 8, 2010

Silk Regimental - A New Start

Starting out today with a new blog in traditional men's wear.  I've decided to call it SILK REGIMENTAL because I think this particular design in ties goes with so much - blazers, slacks, buttoned-down shirts, as well as suits and sweaters.  And -- I just love them!  My plan is to blog on men's clothing in general, but when I find something in the line of a great looking Silk Regimental tie coordinated with the rest of the kit - I'll post it.

Many of you may know me from my photography blog over at Wordpess.  I am (and still will be)  SorrentoLens.  Yes, I've decided to stick my neck out a bit.  While I'm still going to post to that blog, I'm starting this one - basically to keep the two genres separate but will be able to blog about things I think about the most and well,  -- other thoughts and possible outbursts (if provoked).


With this post I offer the J. Press 100% Wool Blazer, Butcher Stripe BD Shirt, with accenting Silk Regimental Tie.  

The seersucker kit also rocks - 100% cotton, Madras Tie and Pinpoint Oxford BD shirt.


Anonymous said...

I acquired the seersucker sport coat from J. Press at the beginning of the summer. I'm really glad that you have started a clothing blog. We will look to you now as the saint (Paul) of all things sartorial. Lady friend likes the shot of you with the dog.

Best wishes,

Silk Regimental said...

Hilton ~~ thanks for stopping by.

I'm certainly no saint - I've got a couple thousand miles of "bad" road behind me.

The dog is Sadie - my rough collie.

The Glengarry Sporting Club said...

Bully, good sir! I look forward to following!