Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to those Nantucket Reds

The other day (over at my other blog) I did a post for a cocktail that I came up with to match my Nantucket Reds from Murray's of, where else, but Nantucket, MA.

A quick recap... here are the mixing instruction for the

NANTUCKET RED by Yours Truly

In a shaker half filled with ice
2 oz of your favorite vodka
2 oz of cranberry-pomegranate juice
1 oz of orange juice (not from concentrate)
Squeeze of a wedge of lime
Shake and pour into a nice crystal beverage glass or martini glass and garnish with as slice/wedge of lime.
Note:  This beverage is nice but a tad tart – some folks probably like it that way.  You might consider adding ½ oz. of simple syrup to take the bite off.
Simple Syrup
2 cups of water
2 cups of sugar
Heat to a boil and all sugar granules are dissolved and then let it cool.  I was making mojitos a couple of weeks ago and that recipe said to put a bunch of mint in the syrup just as it came off the stove.  Simple Syrup keeps in the refrigerator forever.
Here's the result

Now to take this a bit further --- I stole this photo from The Elegantologist last year when he posted a bit on his blog about adding pop to your daily attire.  Here's his photo (which I have protect with life and limb)
"The E" does this quite well with an odd blue three-button sports jacket, blue (patterned, I think) shirt, blue knit tie, and a great pink pocket square.
I liked this composition very much which is why I held onto it hoping to put together the same kit.  The Elegantologist and Maxminimus are the two gentlemen I go to for what I call "putting it all together".  They seem to have a knack for it and it registers with me as good taste and like I said - it's good composition.
So, here's what I came up with:
Mine is a blue Stanley Blacker blazer, blue check RL Blaine bd shirt, navy knit Club Room tie, Daniel Cremieux grossgrain belt, Cole Haan tassle slip ons.  I have a light cashmere jacket, but it's so freakin' hot here it would have been miserable just taking a few snaps.
With out the jacket:

Check out Mountain and Sackett - ties made in New York since 1957.  These are the only ties in the world that are never touched by a machine, only the hands of skilled artisans transform these distinctive fabrics into a tie that truly reflects the spirit of their history.
World's Only 100% Handmade Regimental Tie 


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that there are still gentleman in the world that care about what really matters: like for instance fine clothing.

Others have had their fine minds ruined by the pursuit of capricious women.

The RL shirt is quite nice. Where do you acquire it (if you please) ? I am looking forward to owning a pair of Nantucket Reds from Murray's.


Silk Regimental said...

I'm pretty sure the RL shirt came from the RL Outlet Store in Orlando or St. Augustine FL. The "Reds" are from Murray's Outlet in Nantucket.

Get some!

Main Line Sportsman said...

OK...what are we going to call the drink if it is made with Mount Gay or Meyers's Dark Rum??
Thanks for your comment and stopping by.

Silk Regimental said...


Easy and Elegant Life said...

"Christmas is July" is my vote.

Nice combination. You wear it well. Don't forget the pocket square. Mine was a pink cotton bandana that day.

Thank you for the tribute and compliment.