Sunday, August 29, 2010

Color that "Kicks the Door In!"

Way over a year ago or so, Tintin commented on one of my photos over at Sorrentolens as "it has color that kick's the door in".  I've never forgotten the compliment - and when I find something as colorful as some of these shirts presented by Eton Shirts - the phrase comes back to me like a streaming bullet.  I wish they had an outlet here in Florida.

Eton Shirts from Sweden knows color.  MR Magazine's Harry Sheff:

"Hot Brands: Eton Shirts
Nearly every retailer we spoke to agreed that Eton was hot. The Swedish dress shirt company, founded in 1928, still makes all of its shirts in its own Swedish factories. The price is right—around $220 to $275—and they’ve got a great in-stock program with 60,000 shirts in Sweden and more than 1,000 in the U.S. Add to that their patented wrinkle-free process and their depth of fabric patterns and colors, and retailers are very excited. It’s traditional with a twist—just what independents are looking for."

I wish I knew who they partnered with for those ties!

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Ricky said...

These are such stylish and classy looking men's clothing! This is definitely my style that I would enjoy to wear everyday!