Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Experiment in Pocket Squares

(Dedicated to my friend – Geary Johnson – who used to say – “bring one for show and one for blow”)

There is a great pocket square influence out in the world that has me intrigued!  I confess I’m new to this “square” scene – but I like what I see.  I like the dash – the pop of color.  From Mad Men to Maximinimus to The Elegantologist  – pocket squares are a colorful mini explosion on the upper left quadrant of the well-dress guy.

I took a walk through Dillards and Macys here in Florida.  All I found were solid color silk and poly squares.  They were nice, I bought one pale blue one, but there was nothing fancy or eye-catching, so I just put the idea of pocket squares away.

Then, a few weeks ago I came across a blog posting by Giuseppe over at An Affordable Wardrobe and he had this fantastic idea of cutting a pocket square from an old shirt that he liked.  

The idea stuck like glue - so I decided to try something – thinking “Why can’t I just get some remnant pieces of fabric from a fabric store and cut these squares out myself?”

My wife came along and gave me guidance on types of fabric.  I was pretty much thinking I’d stick with cotton and see where that would lead, although silk was always in the back of my mind.  I picked out a handful of “1/4 squares” 

Basically, all I did was cut out the squares a quarter inch larger than the pocket square that I was using as a template.  Since these were cotton fabric, I ironed them flat before cutting.

Here’s the set I came up with.  I think the colors pop – and that’s what I was looking for.

As a test-bed, I tucked these colorful gems into this large window pane Flusser linen-cotton jacket I picked up at Stein Mart for next to nothing.

Colorful pocket squares on the cheap - what do you think?

See ya!

The Art of Manliness did a bog-post on how to fold a pocket square… check it out here.


Toad said...

Do not show ADG that jacket before I get there first. One of us will liberate it in a heartbeat.

Preston said...

I think the pocket squares you and your wife came up with really pop...

ADG said...

The gingham one is the best

J.P. said...

Very sharp. I saw you commented on my experiment with these. It's a fun project.

I dig that SC as well.

Silk Regimental said...

JP - I bought some silks - and stupid me --- only got 1/4 yard... too short! :(

Just like carpentry - measure twice, cut once! :)

I'll try it again though.

Stanley Lewis said...

Its interesting when you keep on experimenting especially with fashion.Who knows what might one ends up.Pocket squares are meant for men and without them its an unfinished business.

Silk Regimental said...

SL - I'm seeing new posts on pocket square all over... I'll be posting another item soon on some that (I think) are out of the ordinary.

Thanks for stopping by.