Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outstanding looks -

Taking a break from the studying -- I get charged when I come across the outstandingly good-looking wear. These are soaked in fine natural fibers and captivating color. You might say its sartorial profundity !!!!

I stopped at the local liquor store today (on the way home, not at lunch), and had the fellow behind the counter check my bi-weekly Lotto tickets - Boom, I won a whopping $25.50.  My mind wanders - if I'd won "the big one" - I'd go shopping -  yes, shopping!- and I'd go find this stuff!

Take a look ---

I've got a thing for pocket square lately -- I like cotton - patterned - nice stuff!

The grey and violet make this a great look.  The white pocket square makes a huge difference.

There's something about black/grey and great contrast - it's the photography dude in me -  black and white put drama in the image.

I'm looking for anything that kits up with gingham.  The pocket square rocks!

Grey/red/blue/purple/gingham - understated elegance!

Did I say gingham rocks?  The red (wine) waistcoat or cardigan kicks it up. 

This guy has the best photographer in the business!

If its green - I like it!

The jacket/shirt/belt make this one
If it's in window pane pattern - I'm all for it.  I think I have at least 15 pair of slacks and/or jackets in window pane pattern - It must be something in my genes.  Maybe I yearn for order in my life - need to square-up my life.  The grey/tan/white in this rig is perfect. (btw - it's been 43 months since I've had a cigarette!)

OK men -- I'm back to the books -- study, study, study!

Color at my desk - and - I've been pre-occupied

I've got this thing about gingham lately - can't seem to get enough of it.  From what I can tell from the spring and summer look books, gingham is going to be around a while - and I'm glad.  It's clean and crisp - looks good with just about anything you have in your closet.

Turnbury Marino Wool V-neck sweater
Tommy Hilfiger gingham button down
Smart Turnout watch strap

I'm chained to my PC or laptop (depending on where I am) as I'm studying for my PMP exam.  I seem to find time to look  around at what my tradly blog friends are posting - but not too much time for my own photography and walkabouts.

You'll find me back in full force somewhere after February 25th.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recent acquisitions

Not going through an inventory of Christmas presents - I received a few gift cards so that I could go out and find things that tripped my "gotta-have-it-switch".

My daughter and her family came for the holidays and during a shopping expedition on Christmas Eve, I spotted this pair of Bass Buchanons - suede/leather with eraser soles.  I like them.

On the way out of the store and working through our mission to finish our Christmas shopping, my daughter, (remember - this is the wonderful daughter who gifted me so generously at J. Press in New Haven this past summer) thought I should have gotten the blue suede babies that were perched next to them on display.

After Christmas, after the all the guests left for home and parts north, my wife went back to the store and picked up the Bass Brocktons.

Nice eh??

(flash photography makes these look lighter than they really are)

Somewhere in between Christmas and New Years - Dillards sent a shout out they were having a 50% off the already reduced prices on some great items.  Carolyn works in the Ralph Lauren section of Dillard's in Altamonte Springs - next time you're in there, say hello to Carolyn -- she's a gem.

I spotted these Ralph Lauren "Professor's Pants" - I'd read about them earlier in the year - "Exuding timeless heritage and style, the Professor pant is tailored for a relaxed fit from timeworn cotton chino" --   and the selling aspect of these britches were the back-side tabs - When I was in high school - this style of chino was very popular.  When the back tab was "dis-engaged" that meant you were not going steady - tab "engaged" meant you were taken/owned/going-steady/gettin' some.  (any or all apply may apply)

Two things about these pants -- 1) the cotton is beautiful - its nicely washed and soft. 2) the belt loops are too  small though - first thing I did was add a ribbon belt to these pants - and the loops would barely let the belt through.  Otherwise - great chinos men - go get some - just get a narrow belt to go with them!

Here in Florida - Stein Mart is a popular place to shop.  Mr. Stein makes it all the more appealing by sending me emails, taunting me with coupons for generous discount percentages (register at steinmart.com).

In the men's department there is plethora of Flusser-ware; all good looking, but certainly not top-of-the-line.  I snagged some Flusser slacks - grey, nice looking and goes well with a lot of my inventory.  Also snagged these two Nautica sport jackets -

Got a couple of ties and shirts to go with these - but I'm on the hunt for something special - and I'm moving toward orange, or peach (for the top jacket).

I know most people who read the style blog are keen on the high-end, bespoke kit-combos from the big men's style houses in New York, Milan, London, and other parts of the world (that I wish I could visit).  I peruse the blogs and pretty much drool on my laptop at some of the candy I come across.  Lately I've been keen on chino, or cotton blazers.  On the break between Christmas and New Years as I was tripping through Dillard's, I came across this Daniel Cremieux chino jacket.  Men, this jacket rocks!  I think I've worn it almost everyday (to work) over the the past week.  I love it!

I wore it with those "professors pants" and some new Levi's 501s.  The weight is just a little heavy, but for Florida winters, it's perfect.  It feels good, and looks good - the deep indigo blue goes with so much.

What's you're most comfortable piece of gear?  What one special item makes you feel so good, you can take on the world?  For me - it's this jacket.

Cheers Gentlemen!

Friday, January 7, 2011

In the New Year - Any Dream Will Do

With the 2011 looming before us, fresh and new, may all your dreams come true and the year end with fulfillment.

From the concert in memory of Princess Diana -  2007

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

73 Days away

Spring is 73 days away - and if you are somewhere in the sub tropics, then this handsome jacket might be just the ticket.  Or it might add to a nifty rig for St. Patrick's Day which is only 69 days away.  Either way - spring is coming!