Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outstanding looks -

Taking a break from the studying -- I get charged when I come across the outstandingly good-looking wear. These are soaked in fine natural fibers and captivating color. You might say its sartorial profundity !!!!

I stopped at the local liquor store today (on the way home, not at lunch), and had the fellow behind the counter check my bi-weekly Lotto tickets - Boom, I won a whopping $25.50.  My mind wanders - if I'd won "the big one" - I'd go shopping -  yes, shopping!- and I'd go find this stuff!

Take a look ---

I've got a thing for pocket square lately -- I like cotton - patterned - nice stuff!

The grey and violet make this a great look.  The white pocket square makes a huge difference.

There's something about black/grey and great contrast - it's the photography dude in me -  black and white put drama in the image.

I'm looking for anything that kits up with gingham.  The pocket square rocks!

Grey/red/blue/purple/gingham - understated elegance!

Did I say gingham rocks?  The red (wine) waistcoat or cardigan kicks it up. 

This guy has the best photographer in the business!

If its green - I like it!

The jacket/shirt/belt make this one
If it's in window pane pattern - I'm all for it.  I think I have at least 15 pair of slacks and/or jackets in window pane pattern - It must be something in my genes.  Maybe I yearn for order in my life - need to square-up my life.  The grey/tan/white in this rig is perfect. (btw - it's been 43 months since I've had a cigarette!)

OK men -- I'm back to the books -- study, study, study!

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K.S.A. said...

My favorite combination used to be a blue/white gingham TM Lewin shirt with dark red/blue charvet tie and a black DB suit w/ midnight blue pinstripes.

I still have my DB Prince of Wales check Burberry suit which I occasionally wear with a white or light blue shirt, purple kiton tie and pink pocket silk.

Nice picks.