Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looks Good on You 12-27 - (just a few more)

All photos are not mine.

Looks Good on You 12-27

All photos are not mine -

I've been out of "it" for over a month.  Mid November I went up to New Haven for the Yale vs Harvard game - Harvard beat Yale with quite a trouncing - Came down with a cold that Monday which took a good two and half weeks to get rid of - Pretty sure I caught that bug on the plane.  Soon after that I had appointments for foot and ankle specialist and general surgeon.  I've developed osteoarthritis in my right food - and I've had couple of cortisone injections which helped a great deal.  A week later I had a hernia repair - that that knocked me out for a good two weeks.  I've added Endocet 5-325 and Cipro to my list of "crap drugs" - their side effects make them worthy of the status.  Would you believe I was pestered with the HICCUPS for five days straight? - and finally threw in the towel for a GP appointment and an Rx that took care of that.  Now hiccup-free!!!  I blame that on the Endocet.  With the new year comes (what seems like) a zero balance health insurance charge card -- so dental and other health-related appointments are being dialed as I speak (write).

With all that going on, I haven't been up to my usual posts - the best of the best, good-looking gear for you gents.  With a bit more snap in my spirit -  here are a few.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looks Good on You 11-30

These all have great color combinations - stand-out excellence in appearance.

JCW is lookin' very sharp here!

Killer tie!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Back from New Haven, Back on my Feet

As you know, I headed up to New Haven to visit with family and friends and to attend the Yale vs. Harvard football game.

Harvard trounced Yale 45-7 and this view of the scoreboard is all I care to remember - and that's all we need to  comment on here.  Remember gentlemen, there will be another year, another season.

The game day did take on a din, as there was a terrible accident in Lot D of the Yale Bowl.  One person died and two others injured early in the day.  Officials and legal eagles are working things out, but still, a young woman from Massachusetts died, and it's a tragedy and I know everyone felt terribly bad about the incident.

Food was high on my agenda.  There are some haunts I hover over whenever I'm in the New Haven area.  Glenwood Drive In on Whitney Avenue in Hamden (Mt. Carmel area), The Modern Apizza on State Street in New Haven (alternate is Pepe's Apizza on Wooster Street), and Louis' Lunch on Crown Street in New Haven.  All three should be on your list if ever you are in my (home) town.

Glenwood Drive In in Hamden for great (Hummel) hot dogs, onion rings and whole belly fried clams.

The famous Louis' Lunch where the hamburger was invented (I don't want to hear any arguments) - after all, anyone who'd want to slay you with a burger spatula for asking for ketchup - it's gotta be the original!!!

I tried to capture the maestro in the process of assembly ---

Note those 19th century gas grilles.

Then, it was off to Modern Apizza on State Street in New Haven for the best thin crust, wood-fired oven pizza.  With my family and friends, we ordered six pizza with various meat and veg additions.  The cheese pizza was sublime.

Those burned edges and burned bubbles -- incredible!!!

I came home Sunday evening, and felt the heavy drape of a nasty cold come over me.  From Monday to Thursday I was down and out (not in Beverly Hills) -- sipping tea, coughing/sneezing/achy all over feeling.  Today, I've finally come out of it. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Looks Good on You 11-10

 Tartan and crest looks great

Are reds still in season?  This looks too good not to be.

Green/blue -- especially combined with gingham - amazing look

Gotta have it!

More reds - looks great.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Looks Good on You 11-03

A great casual outfit - look forward to Friday.

It's all in the details - great socks!

Blues details

Heather and grape - very nice!

Another great casual look