Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looks Good on You 12-27

All photos are not mine -

I've been out of "it" for over a month.  Mid November I went up to New Haven for the Yale vs Harvard game - Harvard beat Yale with quite a trouncing - Came down with a cold that Monday which took a good two and half weeks to get rid of - Pretty sure I caught that bug on the plane.  Soon after that I had appointments for foot and ankle specialist and general surgeon.  I've developed osteoarthritis in my right food - and I've had couple of cortisone injections which helped a great deal.  A week later I had a hernia repair - that that knocked me out for a good two weeks.  I've added Endocet 5-325 and Cipro to my list of "crap drugs" - their side effects make them worthy of the status.  Would you believe I was pestered with the HICCUPS for five days straight? - and finally threw in the towel for a GP appointment and an Rx that took care of that.  Now hiccup-free!!!  I blame that on the Endocet.  With the new year comes (what seems like) a zero balance health insurance charge card -- so dental and other health-related appointments are being dialed as I speak (write).

With all that going on, I haven't been up to my usual posts - the best of the best, good-looking gear for you gents.  With a bit more snap in my spirit -  here are a few.

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