Monday, August 16, 2010

Bourbon Cocktails and Silk Knit Ties

Food and Wine Magazine came out with a tasty decimal of bourbon drinks today - some interesting, some I'd pass on, but it's nice to know there are people thinking about how to make a nice cocktail

Over the summer I've acquired several knit ties - some nice, silky knits, and a few polyesters, but they look pretty good.  J. Press had some great knit ties this summer - I got one at 40% off.  I'm looking for an opportunity in my schedule where I can dress such that I can pick one of these new knits.  A balance of casual and dress - with a blazer or odd jacket and khakis.  Below are some good lookin' knits.

Unabashedly Prep will love this one


Toad said...

I hope its me, I can't wait.

I have always liked the look of knit ties, but I haven't worn a long tie in about 10 years. I wonder why?

Laguna Beach Prep said...

I like the look, but don't get a lot of opportunities to wear one. It's usually a business tie or motif tie for me.

Cary said...

Love the Navy/Light Blue tie—where is that from?

J.P. said...

Great looking ties man. I like the dots the most personally.