Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Bats and Cats are Cool - They Eat Vermin / Bats and Cats are Cool - Are Cool
(this is how I memorize crap that I hope I never have to remember again)

To some that know me, they know that I've been studying for a credentials exam for over six months.  I've taken the exam twice, and I've failed it twice. I don't mind telling you that - (I'm an honest dude, and my life is pretty much an open book).   Sometimes you use whatever your mind will allow to remember something important for the big test/event/presentation.  In the title - we have the formula for TO COMPLETE PERFORMANCE INDEX.  This is if you REALLY want to calculate your cost performance.

Now to my mind (and this could be why I failed the efff-ing exam twice), I remember a post that says:

But my professional (if there is such a thing) mind say I should remember that BATS and CATS are COOL (BAC), they eat vermin (EV) BATS and CATS are COOL ARE COOL. And if you really give a phuck you get your beloved TO COMPLETE PERFORMANCE INDEX (possibly calculates your level of performance while you are on Cialis(TM) !

I digress ----

What's really important is that BOWTIES are COOL no matter what the formula, the exam, or the occasion - getcha one.


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