Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emblematic Ties - J. Press New Haven

Glengarry Sporting Club posted some emblematic ties from J. Press earlier today. This is the J. Press store in New Haven on York Street - In this photo, I can't be sure that they are the Irish Provinces, but note the 6th tie in from the left, front row under the paddle of the crewman's oar.  Also on the round table at the right of the photo.  It's a very "candy store" image for me.  I took this on 6/28 last year on a visit to New Haven and Greenwich to visit my daughter, my sister, friends and family before heading to Cape Cod.  I won't make it this year  - but hopefully in the fall and the Yale-Harvard game with my son.

Click the photo for a better view.

Some other views of J. Press - New Haven

My daughter and the very friendly J. Press salesperson

Lots of summer tans, seersucker, and madras

Note the stash of schoolboy scarves and hats.

I love this place!


The Glengarry Sporting Club said...

Thanks! Can't wait to see this in person someday myself.

J.P. said...

Been there many times. It's never crowded and much like the one in Cambridge you feel like you are stepping back in time somewhat. Lots and lots of stuff in the back that looks like it's been around for a while.