Monday, May 2, 2011

A madras accessory

I picked up this madras jacket at Stein Mart a couple of weeks ago - it's got a nice combination of colors in the weave and it's very light.  The weather here in central Florida is hot and humid already (my new lawn is taking a beating!).  So I've decided it's searsucker and madras season no matter what the calendar reads.

While driving around town last week, I spotted this 1972 Triumph TR6.  I used to own one (a red 1974), so I stopped and inquired about it.  It's in great condition, very clean.  I realized however this is not the kind of car you drive around Orlando in the summer - no A/C, just top down.  It would be fun on evening rides (or at midnight) rather than daytime heat. It would probably be more fun to toul around during the cooler months - say November through March.

Me, the TR, and the new madras jacket (OK, wife and dog can come along too).

I do like it though ------


Main Line Sportsman said...

Nothing worse than sitting in traffic baking in rag-top w/ no '69 442 has put me in that spot a few times.
Nice jacket!

Mike said...

Funny! It's got a german export licence plate (shorttime permission) on the front bumper. WIL means Wittlich (in Rhineland-Palatinate).

Silk Regimental said...

MLS - Thanks!

Mike - That's odd, I spent two years in the Rhineland/Phalz while in the Air Force - maybe it's a sign! -
The car is actually at a well known pre-owned Mercedes specialty dealer - could be why the plate is on the car. I think I'll stick to the "it's a sign I should buy this car" - at least that's what I'm going to tell my wife ;)

Toad said...

I love the jacket, but Alfa's have spoiled me.