Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Indigo Linen Jacket

A few days ago I mentioned I picked up a linen Flusser jacket at Stein Mart.  Mind you this isn't the custom-made job that smacks of hundreds of dinero - it's a nice looking jacket that I paired up with a blue gingham dress shirt, and yellow silk tie.  I've been looking for a nice yellow silk knit, but haven't spied one yet.

Anywhooo - here's the kit.  What you don't see are the military tan Hilfiger dress slacks, Cole Haan kilty tassel moccasins.


Ben said...

I picked up the same linen jacket last May. I really like the fit and only required a small adjustment to the sleeve length.

Now if Easter would hurry up so I can get back to wearing it.

Tucker said...

Very nice!