Monday, September 13, 2010

On Fenwick Island - CT

My version of prep.

Your loyal host - this was taken a very long time ago on Fenwick Island off the Connecticut coast.  My friends Freddy, Charlie and I took a ride in Fred's T-bird convertible. Charlie lived on Fenwick during the summer.  It was also the summer residence of Katherine Hepburn.   This actually was taken in winter - January, I think.  My wife has always liked this photo.

I was wearing a white jeans (wheat actually), ocbd shirt, tennis sweater, and a wool shirt over it all.

When this was taken I was home on leave from the Air Force.  This was from very early years when I first became interested in photography.  I scanned this photo from an 8 X 10 that I printed in the base photo shop.  A lot of was crap, but a few ended up in boxes that made it through all the moves - from home to home - north to south.

Here's another shot of the Air Force man on Fenwick.

My good friend Geary lived on Fountain Street in New Haven.  His apartment building garage was a stable of luxury vehicles - this Fleetwood was the the ride of choice one night.

The suit was from Rosenberg's on York Street, New Haven.  I'm sure the tie was stolen from my Dad's closet.  I think I look a bit rakish here - eh?

OK -OK --- I had some request for an updated photo - so here you go - for better or worse - 


ADG said...

Stong enduring Trad....excellent.

I just added this Regimental endeavor of yours to my blog list

Silk Regimental said...

Thanks ADG!